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Info for Employers

We are happy to help you with that!  Before sending the job posting to our president, there are a few things that would be beneficial for you to know in regards to developing your posting and job description:

  • All job postings work best when provided in either a link or a PDF format, have employer contact information or a link for submitting applications, and have verified working links for websites.

  • Please use the terms “deaf or hard of hearing” when referring to the client in your posting rather than the term “hearing impaired”.  The term “hearing impaired” is considered offensive to the community.

  • When developing a job description for a K-12 position, please refer to our state’s qualification standards (ARM 10.55.718) and the National Professional Guidelines for Interpreting in Educational Settings via this link:

       Montana K-12 Interpreting

  • When developing a job description for a community position for working with a d/Deaf adult, please refer to the national NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct via this link:

       NAD-RID Code of Conduct

  • Know that ASL-English interpreters are now expected to graduate from a bachelor’s degree program in order to sit for the National Interpreter Certification (NIC) test and, thus, interpreter training programs at colleges, including those for educational interpreters, are typically bachelor’s programs.  Wages being proposed should be reflective of this level of educational training.  Wages are only designated by the employer if you are planning to hire the interpreter as an employee/staff member.  If you are hiring them as an independent contractor (IC), then the rate of services charged is up to the IC.  You are welcomed to get several bids from competitors or negotiate with the IC, as you would for any other contracted service.  This field has a high demand/low supply economic standing in our rurally-demographic state which impacts rates of pay that will attract qualified applicants.   


In order to save time and help your recruitment efforts be as efficient as possible, REVIEW THE ABOVE INFORMATION PRIOR TO EMAILING YOUR POSTING.  Please submit your job posting or any related questions to:

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