Delaney is new to the area, having just moved from Fort Worth, Texas. Growing up she was always interested in sign language and Deaf culture, and in high school she finally had the opportunity to take ASL classes. One of her teachers was an interpreter, which is how she got introduced to the profession. That teacher helped her get more involved in the community and develop her ASL skills. After graduating from high school, she went directly into an ITP (Interpreter Training Program) at the local community college. She got a great education there from multiple Deaf instructors, Deaf mentors and interpreter instructors as well. After graduating from her ITP in 2017, she got BEI Certified (the Texas interpreter certification, comparable with RID) and started working for an interpreting agency in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She moved to Montana after falling in love with Montana while visiting her parents who recently moved to the Helena area. She was dedicated to making the move possible even with the drastic drop in interpreter jobs in comparison to Texas. She landed in Bozeman, while working for Belgrade School District as a staff interpreter. She is enjoying her time in Montana and is excited to get to know more people in the community. This is her first time serving on a board and she is ready to get started!

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