EIPA Video Conference Workshop

Language and Theory of Mind in Deaf Children: What Educational Interpreters Need To Know - Brenda Schick, Ph. D,Author of the EIPA, Professor at University of Colorado at Boulder in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Department

The acquisition of a Theory of Mind (ToM) is an important milestone in the development of cognitive skills, allowing children to understand that people can differ in their beliefs. ToM is important in literacy skills, socio-pragmatic skills, and academic success. This workshop will describe ToM and causes for its delayed acquisition in deaf children. We will review texts and work on interpreting ToM concepts, discuss how ToM is represented in sign language, and explore why representing classroom ToM talk is essential.

Registration for attendance at MSDB: Please send the following information to Francisco J. Román (froman@mt.gov, 444-1373 (fax) or by mail at Office of Public Instruction, PO Box 202501, Helena, MT 59620): Name/ Address/ Phone/ E-mail/ Identify which video conference(s) you want to attend.

This conference will also be available for check-out on DVD through Fransisco Roman at OPI. The DVD can be borrowed individually or as a group. Instructions for DVD check them out will be provided when the DVD become available.

January 22
Board Meeting